10 Quick Life Changers

When was the last time you spent time on yourself? Find the time, make the time, do what you have to do to look at your life and decide. Here’s 10 quick life changers, try them, you’ll thank us. Start your day the right way – Wake up and set aside a 15 minutes for… Read more »

4 Traps to Trust

We need Trust. If we are to have great relationships, we need it. If we are to be members of successful teams, we need it. If we are going to build business success, you guessed it, we need it. So what are the things that can prevent trust, even take it away after we’ve worked… Read more »

How do you help people develop quickly and for free?

We’re all busy. Lot’s of us have found ourselves having to do more with less resources and people. The last thing on people’s minds is development. However without development people stay the same, businesses stay the same and it’s harder then it needs to be. Development doesn’t have to be a training session or intervention…. Read more »

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

How often do you think about the next step? Do you think about what you want to do next week, let alone in the future? How useful would it be to decide now where you want to be in 5 years time? Maybe the answer to that lies in remembering what you were doing 5… Read more »

Want people to trust you? Then get embarrassed.

Whether you lead a person, a buisness or a nation, trust is one of, if not the most important attribute you can have. We already know that trust builds over time, some peole being able to generate it more quickly than others, but do some of us have something that may give us the edge?… Read more »

Amundsen, Scott or Shackleton – What type of leader are you?

This year is the 100 year anniversary of Roald Amundsen reaching the south pole, the first person to do so. He beat Robert Falcon Scott, who also made it to the pole, but after Amundsen and sadly perished on his return journey. Another explorer who had designs on reaching the south pole was Ernest Shackleton,… Read more »

Not getting things done? Be more productive with these 10 easy tips

How does James Dyson do it do it? Richard Branson always seems comfortable too. The author Haruki Murakami can as well. What do they have in common? They all have a reputation for being highly productive. We know the pitfalls. We work really hard but the ‘to do’ list seems to get longer and longer…. Read more »

How productive are the people who work for you each day?

Did you know that 22% of workers admit to wasting up to 2 hours per day. So one fifth of your workforce are spending a quarter of their working day doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with your business! What’s even more interesting is that the research shows that people with a degree… Read more »

Happy staff means greater profits

It’s not tangible is it, happiness? How do you prove it? What if your job is to make people happy, deliver results, make a profit? It’s different things to different people, it’s so hard to define, how can you possibly meet everyone’s needs? You probably even avoid thinking about it. However times are changing and… Read more »

It’s an emotional business

So, how is it that business works? How do companies increase their profits? How do they recruit and retain staff? How do they attract and keep customers? Maybe the answer is strategic planning and customer service departments. Problem is, the more organisation, process, procedure and rationalism the less freedom for people to make choices, when… Read more »