We take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. If you have any concerns,please contact our Designated Safeguarding & Prevent Lead:
Niki Hollingsworth
If Niki is not available you can speak with our Deputy Safeguarding & Prevent Lead: Lisa Williams.

Niki Squared
Niki Hollingsworth

07973 785 188 or 0121 651 1200

Lisa Wiliams Squared
Lisa Williams

07592 502 482 or 0121 651 1200

Alternatively, you can email us:

To view our up to date safeguarding policy please click the link below:

Fuel Learning Safeguarding, Protection and Prevent Policy


Great course - probably one of the best I’ve ever been on!

Kevin Bessant
Manager, Britvic

Just had to let you know, yet again, what fantastic, motivational courses you run. Your character is infectious Steve & delegates can’t fail to come away without a highly positive attitude. I just love every minute I’m in the room with you. I’ll let you know when I hit my 1st target as I’m sure I would have struggled to rally the enthusiasm without you.

Gail Rogers
Manager, Britvic