FL – Expression of Interest Results (SG)

What is your current job role?
How long have you been in your current role?
10 years +
Are you directly responsible for any other employees?
How many people are you responsible for?
Do you have any qualifications in Management?
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What development areas have been identified between you and your line manager?


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This week has been one of a kind experience from which I’ve gained so much…mentally I feel more prepared for multiple situations purely because of my change in mindset. I love your company, I adore the whole team and if there’s ever a vacancy in the future, I’ll be applying! Thanks.

Work experience student

The course was tailored to EMT and the trainer had great knowledge of the business. I have attended several leadership courses and this was by far the best as it was very genuine and the trainer had a real passion and flair for getting the candidates engaged and see what the benefits are to EMT and their personal leadership style. Excellent.

Claire Ansley
Manager, East Midlands Trains