Fuel Learning and Your Data

Our commitment

Fuel have a paperless approach to data storage.

We only keep your information for what is required for the purpose(s) agreed. This includes any legal purposes for which we are obliged to keep the information.

We have the appropriate technical processes and resources in place to ensure the security of your data.

We only allow the relevant team members access to your information to use for a defined purpose.

We do not transfer your data outside the EEA.

Where we get it and how we use it

We collect and store information about you when you are nominated or assigned to a development programme with us. In some cases this is provided to us by your employer and in other cases we request the information directly from you.

  1. If you are on a government funded apprenticeship programme, the ESFA stipulates what information we must request from you or your employer, which we keep for compliance purposes.
  2. If you have participated in a management, team or skills development programme, other than an apprenticeship, we have been provided with relevant information from your employer in order to communicate with you about the programme.

We never sell or give your information to third parties for marketing purposes, ever.

Who we share your data with & why

There are a few instances where we will need to share your information.

  • When a third party is involved in an event you are participating in (such as a hotel or outdoor activity) we will share your information with them to coordinate the session, for your safety and convenience at the event.
  • When the information is required by law or for compliance purposes.
  • Our third-party data processors who provide the IT infrastructure on which our systems are built.

Where is it kept?

We invest in ensuring your data is stored securely. Our bespoke Learning Management system stores the data on servers located in the UK and operated by UKFast – https://www.ukfast.co.uk/hosting-network.html – UKFast are a premium hosting service that are ISO 27001 compliant.

Changes in our policy and procedures

Should our approach change in any process or procedure where your data is impacted, we will notify you within a reasonable timeframe and in line with any contractual terms in place.

Data Breaches

In the unlikely event of a breach occurring (as defined in the GDPR) we will notify you and the ICO within 48 hours of the breach coming to our attention.

Your Choices & Rights

You have access to your own information through your user account on the Fuel Learning Management System.

You can also ask us about the information we have about you. Please contact us at info@fuellearning.com and we will respond to you with 28 days with a disclosure of the requested information.

 Contact Us

For more information, questions or feedback, please contact us. You can also request a copy of our relevant policies.




Thank you for your presentation last week. The content went down well and you succeeded in getting the team(s) to think about their own situations and to start questioning what it is that they find inspiring within the workplace and life generally. The feedback was positive.

Ian Thomas
Director of Business Development, Specsavers

I would encourage any manager who wishes to develop/update on their existing skills, or those managers that would like to gain new skills to participate in one of the numerous training courses run by Fuel Learning.

The course leaders have up to date working and on the job knowledge and use a presentation that openly encourages participation and enjoyment, although at times you will have to put your thinking caps on as not all tasks are paper exercises!!

Their courses are well structured and all material excellently presented, easy to understand and follow.

I have attended many managerial courses during my 20 years in the business and found Fuel Learning deliver the best. As a manager for Norbert Dentressangle - Marks and Spencer, Hardwick, Warrington, we are encourage to put into practice what we learn and I have certainly done this thanks to Fuel Learning.

Brett Payne
Norbert Dentressangle Line Manager at Hardwick