Presentation Skills Training

Never Be Boring, Be Confident and Be Yourself!

Whether you’re looking to improve your project presentations and pitches, internal team updates or sales and tender presentations, our presentation skills training programmes will provide fresh, innovative and highly effective ways of communicating with your audience.

We work with all levels of seniority to improve presentation skills, even global CEO’s.

Programmes usually range from 1 – 4 days and can be combined with sales development as a modular approach. We also offer 1’2’1 coaching and presentation design sessions – ideal for company conferences.

Our presentation skills training gives participants:

The tools to allow the presenter to be totally confident and natural.

The ability to connect with their audience while transmitting their message with absolute clarity.

To develop enormous impact and leave others with a memorable experience.

Here are just some examples of the content which can be included in our presentation skills training programmes:

Presentation Skills Training Programme Example:

As with all of our learning and development programmes, our presentation skills training can be carefully designed to suit your business and objectives. We often incorporate active client projects into our sessions, to make them as relevant and actionable as possible.

Our Presentation Skills Training Programme: ‘Presenting with Impact’ can provide your team with a deal winning advantage over your competitors. It features fresh, innovative ways of communicating with audiences from 1 to 10,000.

Sales & tender presentations and project pitches can be won or lost at critical moments when presenting your products and services. Whether you’re presenting online or face to face, it’s as important as ever to improve your presentation skills in 2022.  

What is the Presenting with Impact programme?

Presenting With Impact charts a unique approach to delivering confident, authentic and inspirational presentations. Our facilitators draw on their many years of presentational experience to take the delegate on a challenging and highly practical journey of development.

Each module contains both theory and carefully explained exercises. While most people who give business presentations concentrate on the content, research shows that what audiences react to is the delivery, how you sound and how you appear.

This Two-Day course is broken down into 3 essential areas:

  • Style – how you come across
  • Content – what you actually present
  • Structure – how the content is presented
  • How to present/communicate in formal and informal environments
  • Sales, projects pitches and presentation
  • Meetings – large and small

Key outcomes

Most importantly, delegates will:

  • Be confident in their ability to deliver their speech (overcoming pre-presentation nerves etc.)
  • Be on the right road to be known as a outstanding presenter/communicator
  • Have an immediate and long-lasting impact on others

At the end of the programme each delegate will have had:

  • Personalised coaching in presenting to audiences of various sizes and settings
  • Practised presenting on real topics
  • Access to a deeper understanding of the various ways to impact their presentations and enhance what they are saying

Who is this aimed at?

If you need to present/communicate to others then this programme will add significant value to you and the people you present to – whether you’re standing up a the company conference, running a morning buzz team session or pitching your idea to the dragons den. We everyone from the CEO to entry level employees.

To download the full programme outline, please click: HERE

And don’t forget, this is only an example of one of our programmes, we can create a completely bespoke programme too.


As part of my management training programme I had to complete Functional Skills in English and maths. I felt anxious and nervous as I hadn’t been in a learning environment for many years. However, my teacher (Vicky) was very understanding and patient, she understood my concerns. I can honestly say I have grown in confidence and I found the classes to be very practical and useful.

I had great encouragement and support from my teacher throughout the whole process. Without the support from my teacher and the Functional skills qualification, I would have struggled to complete the apprenticeship.

From what I learnt from my course, I have implemented this into my daily working practice. I have learnt so many great English and maths techniques which are extremely useful. I'm very confident when sending emails with my grammar and punctuation. I have become a confident reader whereas in the past I did not enjoy this. I have to work out various areas for our customers when pricing jobs. I used to really struggle with this aspect of my job, with the additional support from Vicky I no longer struggle.

Dharminder Jittla – Jewson

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