Reflections of a facilitator during interesting times

I am sure like me you have witnessed very good even excellent leadership, some ok leadership and unfortunately some pretty awful leadership. To that end I would like to share a few observations (not all) that I have collated that sets apart the good and excellent leader from the rest.

6 Important Leadership Skills

The most successful leaders are able to forecast problems. This isn’t a matter of crystal-gazing but rather maintaining a watchful eye on unresolved issues that can shift your teams focus away from the bigger picture.

6 Helpful Tools / Tips For Managing Zoom Team Meetings

Create An Agenda – Just like a face-to-face meeting, have an agenda for the meeting, and allocate time slots to ensure it doesn’t run over and impact the rest of the day. If the meeting is a long one, schedule in some rest breaks. Also, allow time at the beginning, and throughout the session, for some… Read more »