We need Trust.

If we are to have great relationships, we need it. If we are to be members of successful teams, we need it. If we are going to build business success, you guessed it, we need it.

So what are the things that can prevent trust, even take it away after we’ve worked hard to get it?

1. Avoidance – There will always be adversity, so deal with it, head on. If you don’t it will erode trust and slow the momentum of success.

2. Closed – Be open and honest with people, talk about your success and your challenges and do it every day.

3. Anger – Remain calm, even under pressure or people won’t open up to you, won’t come looking for advice and whilst they don’t come, trust won’t happen.

4. Unreliable – Do what you say you are going to do, keep your promises, meet expectations, be a role model.