Conference planning and management

A well planned and executed company conference can inspire and energise your employees and stakeholders, bringing them closer together over a period of hours or days. Sadly, the opposite can also be true, with tens of thousands being wasted on a ‘boring’ conference that offers employees little more than a night away with a few drinks.

At Fuel Learning, we specialise in helping companies to avoid the latter, bringing company conferences to life!

conference planning

We can help to plan, theme, manage, structure and facilitate your conference to ensure it has the desired impact and delivers a return on investment. We will work with your leadership team and speakers to ensure that each element of your conference is a success, delivering on all of your goals and more.

We support many clients with conferences big and small. Our conference services include everything from presentation skills / public speaking training, facilitating, MC’ing and full logistical support before, during and following the event. We have facilitated conferences for 10 – 1000+ people, resulting in fully engaging, interactive experiences.

Our clients tell us the conferences we design (in partnership with the client) are always very well received and set the standard for future events; that is why once we have organised 1 conference for you, we normally become a regular feature.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us today. Our experienced team are more than happy to help.

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As part of my management training programme I had to complete Functional Skills in English and maths. I felt anxious and nervous as I hadn’t been in a learning environment for many years. However, my teacher (Vicky) was very understanding and patient, she understood my concerns. I can honestly say I have grown in confidence and I found the classes to be very practical and useful.

I had great encouragement and support from my teacher throughout the whole process. Without the support from my teacher and the Functional skills qualification, I would have struggled to complete the apprenticeship.

From what I learnt from my course, I have implemented this into my daily working practice. I have learnt so many great English and maths techniques which are extremely useful. I'm very confident when sending emails with my grammar and punctuation. I have become a confident reader whereas in the past I did not enjoy this. I have to work out various areas for our customers when pricing jobs. I used to really struggle with this aspect of my job, with the additional support from Vicky I no longer struggle.

Dharminder Jittla – Jewson

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