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Training programmes that have impact, relevance and a real return on investment

We don’t get bogged down with complicated theories and processes which very few people can apply ‘in the moment’. Instead, we focus on tools which are simple and easy to apply and allows meaningful dialogue. Potential clients don’t feel like they are being ‘sold to’, they feel understood and can clearly see how your product/solution will meet their needs and benefit them.

Useful information:

Common subjects included in our sales training programmes:

Sales Negotiation

Sales Presentations

Consultative Selling

Social Selling

Selling in Retail

Account Management

Selling Over The Telephone

Our facilitators:

Our facilitators are all vastly experienced, often with over 15 to 20 years in the L&D industry. Unlike the vast majority of learning and development providers, all of our facilitators are in-house, providing a more consistent and personalised experienced for every Fuel client.

Sales Training Programme Example:

Selling with Impact

Some of the world’s largest organisations have already benefitted from our sales training programme: ‘Selling with Impact’. Microsoft for instance, saw great value in our unique style of delivery and approach to sales.

This programme explains how sales people can apply their trade artfully and with impact. People do not want to feel they are being sold to by pushy sales people. Instead they want sales people capable of developing trust through strong communication and the find the right solution.

Selling with Impact strikes the balance between process and approach in structure and delivery. Delegates leave fully capable to go and implement the tools, techniques and methods to be immediately impacting. The proof will be in the results.

Topics included in this sales training programme:

  • The attitude and skills to be an outstanding sales person.
  • Creating a sustainable, high performance sales culture.
  • The knowledge needed to break into new opportunities quickly and smoothly with existing and new clients
  • Selling when you’re not first to reach the customer, (vision reengineering.)
  • How to edge out incumbent providers
  • How to gain access to decision makers and bypass the middleman.
  • Control – controlling the buying process.
  • Closing and reaching a final agreement (tools for overcoming last minute hurdles and successfully completing the deal)

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I entered the first course thinking “what can I learn in 90 minutes” only to be bowled over with a fun, interesting and engaging session, totally relevant to the job I have to do as a manager. The booklet handout was perfect giving text and visual aids to support the subjects covered for us to use at a later date but without the boring task of working through it all word for word during the course. Ian and Steve were brilliant course facilitators who really seemed to know what they were talking about and the whole experience left me “buzzing” and keen to put into practise what I’d learnt. When are you here next Guys?

Vicki Rosik
Data Input Manager, Specsavers

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