Level 3 Leadership & Management Development Programme

The Fuel Learning Level 3 Leadership & First Line Management Programme, is aimed at team leaders and managers responsible for driving the results and performance of individuals and a team.

The managers attending this programme can be new to role or experienced and would benefit from developing their skills and knowledge of how to lead and manage, get the most out of themselves, their peers, direct reports and teams in a range of environments.

The programme is perfect for redefining and formalising skills that may have developed through ‘passed on’ behaviours.


Level 3 Leadership & Management Timeline

The Fuel Learning Level 3 Leadership & Management Development Programme is scheduled to take 14 months from start to finish.

During that time participants will attend and receive...

Level 3 Leadership & Management 2 day work shopParticipants will learn new skills, tools and behaviours to maximise their potential as leaders and managers. They will have the opportunity to practice using the tools in a safe, facilitator led environment, whilst bouncing ideas off colleagues learning the same skills.

Between the face to face workshops, participants will be required to login to the Fuel Hub, where they will be guided through an intuitive series of learning modules, designed to build greater knowledge and comprehension of leading and managing.
The participants will have access to many templates and tools they can use to support application of the learning back at work.

If required, participants will have the opportunity to attend additional support days, designed to ensure they are able to complete their workplace application tasks at the required standards.
Learner days are not mandatory and will only be applied to participants who want additional support.

In addition to the face to face workshops and optional learner days, participants will have access to their programme facilitator and the Fuel quality team via phone, email, video call and scheduled meetings throughout the programme duration.

In addition to the coaching and support from Fuel, throughout the programme participants will be supported by their line manager.
To ensure the participant is on track and getting the required opportunity to grow and develop their skills, they will participate in a conference call with their line manager and the Fuel team. This will happen approximately every 12 weeks and will be scheduled in advance.

The last stage of the Level 3 Leadership & Management Programme is an End Point Assessment (EPA). This a simple process designed to formally recognise the significant development and effort of the participants.
Successful completion will give the participants a nationally recognised level 3 certificate.


  • Significantly improve your leadership and management capability.
  • Increase your credibility and influence as a leader and manager.
  • Achieve greater success and results at work using tried and tested tools and techniques.
  • Be formally recognised and differentiated from others without a leadership and management qualification.
  • Achieve a nationally recognised management diploma at Level 3 Leadership & Management, awarded by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).
  • Membership of the Chartered Management Institute for the duration of the programme with the option to continue at a discounted rate following completion.
  • Up to date English and maths qualifications (if applicable).

The face to face workshop modules are designed to be fully interactive, engaging and fun. Each day is split into 4 mini sections with a review and application planning session at the end of each. This bite-size approach keeps the participants focused and engaged throughout the day. The regular reviews and action planning ensures the participants have a clear approach to applying their learning in the workplace. It is advisable for participants to bring laptops to the sessions. Fuel can provide laptops when necessary.




The initial engagement and induction are designed to ensure the participants have a full understanding of the programme, the required commitments, the support from their organisation and line manager. Participants will complete most of the induction, such as providing the required personal data, via the Fuel Hub. This is a secure digital process and starts the participant on their journey to starting their programme.




The first module focuses on setting the scene for the programme and starts the individual on their development journey. Learners start to explore what makes a great manager and identify areas of focus for the programme. In order to meet the demands of an ever-changing workplace, individuals need to ensure they continue to update and develop their knowledge and skills. By using the knowledge gained through exploring the management traps managers can fall into, recognising individual triggers and understanding personal behavioural drivers, a meaningful development plan will be created to support them to become an effective manager in the workplace.




The second module starts to explore how to effectively communicate with stakeholders and build meaningful and impactful relationships. Developing relationships with internal and external stakeholders is an essential management skill. This module will equip managers to identify and understand stakeholder’s needs, know the purpose and benefits of building relationships with different stakeholder groups, and the methods of communicating with them to achieve results. Our Situational Thinking Style tool gives participants the opportunity to explore the way they process information and how that may be complimentary or contradictory to others. Using this model enables individuals to assess a person’s style and adapt or mirror the style, how to look for conflicting styles and make necessary adjustments to ensure they can effectively collaborate with others.




The third module provides key tools and techniques to successful project management. This will support the individual to complete a successful project as part of their programme. Whilst the scale, significance and complexity of a project will vary, the principles of carrying out a project will ultimately be the same. This module aims to equip managers with the knowledge, tools, and techniques for managing and monitoring projects. It also identifies approaches to managing risk and responding to the needs and expectations of stakeholders whist delivering value for money. The skills a manager will learn, will not only enable them to improve their own working practice, but will impact on the achievement of project outcomes.

Leadership & management - LEADING PEOPLE


Leadership & management - LEADING PEOPLE

The fourth module is where individuals will explore how their business operates and how they play a key role in achieving business success through effective leadership. Being equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to lead effectively is essential if an individual and their organisation are to succeed. The application of leadership approaches, including Daniel Goleman’s leadership styles, and how these can positively impact on own role, lead to improved performance, and support teams, colleagues and customers. Learners will explore how to engage and motivate individuals to deliver activities that support the company vision becoming a reality.




The fifth module further builds on key skills already covered and starts to apply these to managing teams for success. Individuals will explore how to manage people and get the best out of their team to drive a high-performance culture. The ability to manage teams, which are able to communicate effectively and overcome barriers to achievement, is a critical skill for any manager. Learners will explore how to manage individual and team performance and develop talent for future business success.



It is a requirement of the programme, that all participants are able to spend 20% of their normal working hours to developing and evidencing they are gaining and applying new skills, behaviours and knowledge. The 20% is for the duration of their Level 3 Leadership & Management programme..



As part of the programme, participants will have access to the Fuel Hub; an intuitive, web-based system for participants to access essential learning material, information, documentation and complete their portfolio of work.


Functional Skills are a compulsory requirement for all apprentices who do not hold a level 2 qualification in English and maths (GCSE grade C and above, or equivalent).

All participants will need to provide certificates for English and maths.

Should any participants not be able to provide a certificate for either or both subjects, they will be required to pass a Functional Skills Level 2 assessment as part of their leadership development programme.

Fuel provide an end to end Functional Skills development pathway from Initial assessment through to examination. The Fuel Functional Skills team will work with participants to ensure they receive the training they need to confidently pass the level 2 qualification.

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In addition to achieving a nationally recognised Level 3 Apprenticeship Certificate, all participants will have the opportunity to achieve a Level 3 Diploma in leadership and management from either the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) or the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM).

The level 3 Diploma’s are internationally recognised standards of professional management.

The work based application tasks the participants complete as part of the apprenticeship programme are used in the portfolio for the Diploma. There are just a few additional tasks required to complete the Diploma.

The benefits to participants of achieving a Diploma can include:

  • Access to ManagementDirect – the CMI digital learning resource portal
  • Professional membership of CMI or ILM
  • Foundation Charter Status for level 3 – a professional standard which can be built on to achieve a Chartered Degree in Leadership and Management
  • A network of future leaders through CMI and ILM events.

The Fuel team will guide and support participants completing the Diploma as part of the programme.


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Just had to let you know, yet again, what fantastic, motivational courses you run. Your character is infectious Steve & delegates can’t fail to come away without a highly positive attitude. I just love every minute I’m in the room with you. I’ll let you know when I hit my 1st target as I’m sure I would have struggled to rally the enthusiasm without you.

Gail Rogers
Manager, Britvic

This week has been one of a kind experience from which I’ve gained so much…mentally I feel more prepared for multiple situations purely because of my change in mindset. I love your company, I adore the whole team and if there’s ever a vacancy in the future, I’ll be applying! Thanks.

Work experience student