Functional Skills

Fuel provide an end to end Functional Skills development pathway from Initial assessment through to examination. The Fuel team will work with participants to ensure they receive the training they need to confidently pass the level 2 qualification.

The training will be a mixture of on-site face to face, remote face to face via video call, and e-learning. Participants will only need to study for the components they need to improve, as demonstrated through online diagnostic tool.


Our overall pass rate for 2019/20 was 100%

1st time Pass Rate 96%

(The national average for this was only 58%)

1st time Pass Rate 98%

(The national average for this was only 53%)

Frequently Asked Questions

English and Maths Functional Skills qualifications were designed with the aim of giving individuals the skills they need to be more effective at work, but also in day-to-day tasks. They are transferable qualifications that relate to all industries.

Functional Skills are an essential part of your apprenticeship journey and you will need to pass English and maths at level 2 to complete the programme.

It is important to note that the Functional Skills programme is based around your individual needs, this means the sessions you attend are tailored to the skills you require. We do train Functional Skills in separate sessions from your module days, but the sessions are designed to be relevant to your industry and to the content of your management programme. Similarly, your module days and the assessment plans set by your Quality Coach will incorporate Functional Skills too, so that each part of your apprenticeship links together. This will also mean that you are practising your Functional Skills perhaps without even knowing it!

Yes, absolutely! If you have employees that would benefit from enhancing their formal writing skills, boosting their ability to decode and work with written information, improving their presentation skills or solving real life mathematical problems with confidence, Functional Skills are the qualifications for you.

We have an in-house Functional Skills Team with specialist trainers to support and guide you through these qualifications and we can contextualise each programme to your industry.

Personal Benefits

Company Benefits

  • Improved efficiency through gained literacy skills – employees will develop strategies enabling them to work more accurately and flexibly, thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity

  • Enhanced communication skills – employees will perform well in teams, participate openly in discussions, listen and react appropriately

  • Customer satisfaction – by communicating a tailored and effective service adapted to suit customer needs
  • Confident, motivated employees – employees will adapt well to change and have the underpinning skills to develop other job skills.
  • Better recruitment and staff retention – if you invest in learning, you will attract a high calibre of job applicants, staff turnover will reduce, experienced staff will be retained and recruitment costs saved.

Fuel Functional Skills Team

The team are highly skilled and work with many participants where English is a second language, and can also provide a high level of specialised support for participants with identified learning difficulties.

Vicky Harris

Vicky Harris

Head of Functional Skills

Vicky is passionate about delivering an engaging and fresh approach to Functional Skills, contextualising the learning to be immediately relevant and applicable. Vicky leads the team to support learners to achieve their Maths and English qualifications, which delivers significant personal gain and business benefits to the learners through their increased confidence and capability at work.

Jodie Dugdale

Jodie Dugdale

Functional Skills Trainer

Jodie’s 8 years of experience in delivering Functional Skills English and Maths is evident in her depth of knowledge, and ability to offer enhanced support. Participants can find returning to learning daunting, and they quickly warm to Jodie’s calming and confident approach. Jodie is widely experienced in delivering English as a Second Language, and providing specialist support to help all learners achieve successful outcomes.


Philippa Gamble

Functional Skills Trainer

Philippa echos the Fuel vision of delivering Maths and English learning that is relevant, inspiring and unique. Philippa’s background in learning and development, and experience in the logistics industry, gives her the ability to quickly tailor the learning to specific work environments, so participants experience a direct application of their enhanced Maths and English capability throughout their apprenticeship programme, and in the workplace.

Online tools

Participants use an online platform called BKSB to access a full range of tools and resources designed to support every aspect of the participants English and Maths requirements.


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The tutor demonstrated a professional approach, gave a detailed explanation of the subjects, their requirements, and methods of achievement. I came away from the session with a lot more confidence and with a better understanding of my strengths and possible areas of improvement.

James Cash – Saint-Gobain

Everything with the maths functional skills programme was great. Vicky, Pip and Jodie understood I was having troubles with learning via group sessions and group zoom calls. The team decided 1 2 1 sessions would be better for me, which it was! Without the patience and the ability to adapt from the team, I wouldn’t have passed. Thank you all so much!

Kim Abrahim – Jewson