We’re all busy. Lot’s of us have found ourselves having to do more with less resources and people. The last thing on people’s minds is development. However without development people stay the same, businesses stay the same and it’s harder then it needs to be. Development doesn’t have to be a training session or intervention. Here’s a simple tool for you to use.

Think of someone’s development as three challenges. One challenge is easy, the second difficult, the third scary. Challenge 1 – Comfort: Any challenge here is easy for someone, they don’t have to think about it, they have the skills and capabilities to perform at a level that will complete whatever you have asked them to do. Challenge 2 – Stretch: Any challenge here is more difficult. They have to think more about how to do it, they will feel a bit unsure of what to do, they may make mistakes and it will be frustrating for both them and you but they will soon learn how to do it and get results beyond what they thought possible. Challenge 3 – Panic: Any challenge here is fleeting. They cannot focus on what is expected as they are looking for a way out. They will rush and cut corners just to get away from the task. They will attempt it but it will be a token attempt and they will be unwilling to give it a go when asked again. If you want your people and your business to stay at the same level, set the challenge of Comfort. If you want progression and development, set the challenge of Stretch. If you want people to stay within themselves, never contributing or achieving, set the challenge of Panic. Easy decision isn’t it!