This week we are supporting Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2023. 

Many associate the term ‘neurodiversity’ with autism or ADHD; however, it’s simply about discovering and embracing our neurological differences, allowing for a more inclusive working environment for everyone. Discovering more about the neurodiversity of our learners allows us to provide extra support with writing, mathematics, working practices and much more.

Our first featured learner is Kevin Anderton, who recently completed his Level 5 Leadership and Management Diploma with Fuel Learning. During the programme, Kevin was officially diagnosed with dyslexia.

With the support of Fuel Learning Quality Coach Siân Duffin and his employer, Kevin was able to better understand the challenges he faced and find new strategies to manage his dyslexia in all areas of his life, so he is now able to embrace his differences and champion diversity.

To hear more from Kevin and his experiences with neurodiversity, please click on the video below: