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Fuel Learning are delighted to introduce our world-class, results driven and highly flexible Senior Leadership Programme to a select group of clients and future participants. Are you ready to change the game?


The Senior Leadership Programme is specifically designed to provide the appropriate level of challenge for individuals moving toward senior positions, and stretches those already in senior roles to thrive and succeed.

This programme caters to a broad audience and is an ideal fit if you are:

An experienced departmental and operations manager seeking the  next step into a senior role.

Someone who has successfully completed a Level 5 Operations and Departmental Apprenticeship.

A leader and manager responsible for shaping department, division, or company strategies and implementation plans.

An existing senior leader, director, VP or C-Suite member feeling undertrained to perform their duties to the best of their ability.


April – w/c Monday 22nd 
June – w/c Monday 17th
September – w/c Monday 16th

17 months on Programme
3-5 months for End Point Assessment
6 month optional MBA top-up


Participants will have a dedicated, professional coach throughout The Programme. 

  • 12-20 sessions
  • Online booking system
  • Face-to-face or virtual


  • Online materials provided to support learning
  • Engage with and learn from some of the UK’s finest leaders and high profile keynote speakers during phenomenal learning experiences and mini conferences.


There are two variations of workshop on The Programme:


  • 5 x full day face-to-face workshops
  • Elevate goals, beliefs, capability, expectations, and performance.



  • 20 x half to full day workshops
  • Face-to-face or virtual
  • Opportunity to gain additional insights and development


We are experienced in helping employers maximise return on their levy funds. We do this by ensuring our high quality programmes meet all the requirements of the apprenticeship standards and funding rules.

£14,000 per person through the Apprenticeship Levy

£11,000 per person if commercially funded

£6,000 per person for the optional MBA Top-up


We're here to answer any questions you may have in regard to The Programme.

On completion of The Programme participants will either receive a pass or distinction for the Senior Leadership Level 7 Apprenticeship.

From initial onboarding to the completion of the End Point Assessment, the total time is 17 months with an additional optional 6 for the MBA top-up.

At the six-month mark of the programme, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate whether pursuing a full MBA is the right choice for them. If they decide to proceed with the MBA, we will offer additional workshops to ensure that the ROI Project aligns with the requirements of both the End Point Assessment (EPA) and the MBA. The MBA journey will commence after completing the EPA.

Are you ready to change the game?


To get started on your journey or for further information on The Programme please complete the form.

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As part of my management training programme I had to complete Functional Skills in English and maths. I felt anxious and nervous as I hadn’t been in a learning environment for many years. However, my teacher (Vicky) was very understanding and patient, she understood my concerns. I can honestly say I have grown in confidence and I found the classes to be very practical and useful.

I had great encouragement and support from my teacher throughout the whole process. Without the support from my teacher and the Functional skills qualification, I would have struggled to complete the apprenticeship.

From what I learnt from my course, I have implemented this into my daily working practice. I have learnt so many great English and maths techniques which are extremely useful. I'm very confident when sending emails with my grammar and punctuation. I have become a confident reader whereas in the past I did not enjoy this. I have to work out various areas for our customers when pricing jobs. I used to really struggle with this aspect of my job, with the additional support from Vicky I no longer struggle.

Dharminder Jittla – Jewson

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