‘Red Management’ – providing the cornerstone of enduring success at XPO Logistics

Global Supply Chain specialists XPO Logistics partner with Fuel Learning to ensure consistency across the business for all managers responsible for the sustained growth and innovation demanded of this fast moving and multifaceted sector.


XPO Logistics is a top ten global provider of transport, logistics and freight forwarding solutions. The company employs 84,000 people across 1,469 locations in 32 countries across Europe, America and Asia, and places sustainable development at the heart of all its activities.

XPO Logistics recognise the importance of empowered, entrepreneurial and innovative managers to ensure the business remains the benchmark within the industry. Understanding that reputations are built on a consistent approach, having shared values, behaviours, and vision is a vital starting position in the ability of their managers to respond to the challenges of their customers. They must be able to deliver on the XPO vision – in any country, at any time.

XPO Logistics wanted to partner with an experienced and creative provider who truly reflected their own innovative and inclusive approach to deliver a comprehensive leadership programme. Fuel Learning were well positioned having extensive experience in the logistics industry as a long time partner of Norbert Dentressangle, playing an instrumental support role through the XPO Logistics acquisition in 2015.

In order to support a transient workforce, the imperative was for consistency. Fuel Learning conducted an in depth review, scoping, and business analysis to customise the suite of programs to meet the variable challenges of managers employed in shift, site, regional and national roles.
In conjunction with members of the Executive Board from Supply Chain and Transport Solutions division we were able to clearly define the specific characteristics and qualities required to be an outstanding ‘Red Manager’ with XPO.
To achieve relevance, and avoid ‘concept based only knowledge’ a combination of theory, practice, and review was the construct of every module. It was critical for each delegate to understand the impact as well as how to apply this in their working environment.

XPO Logistics have consistently won a clutch of prestigious industry awards so have become the ‘go to’ brand for graduates and outstanding talent. Working in close liaison with Fuel Learning to create distinctive talent programmes and activities, delegates frequently mention these in employee surveys. Finally, managers in the business cite the programme as one of the most stimulating and relevant to their success with teams and increased productivity.


Due to the great experience I had on the level 5 apprenticeship, I have put 3 of my transport managers forward for this year’s apprenticeship.
The skills and knowledge I took away from the course was absolutely great and has helped me considerably within the workplace.

Jason Hine
Contract Manager at XPOLogistics

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