‘Red Management’ – providing the cornerstone of enduring success at XPO Logistics

Global Supply Chain specialists XPO Logistics partner with Fuel Learning to ensure consistency across the business for all managers responsible for the sustained growth and innovation demanded of this fast moving and multifaceted sector.


XPO Logistics is a top ten global provider of transport, logistics and freight forwarding solutions. The company employs 84,000 people across 1,469 locations in 32 countries across Europe, America and Asia, and places sustainable development at the heart of all its activities.

XPO Logistics recognise the importance of empowered, entrepreneurial and innovative managers to ensure the business remains the benchmark within the industry. Understanding that reputations are built on a consistent approach, having shared values, behaviours, and vision is a vital starting position in the ability of their managers to respond to the challenges of their customers. They must be able to deliver on the XPO vision – in any country, at any time.

XPO Logistics wanted to partner with an experienced and creative provider who truly reflected their own innovative and inclusive approach to deliver a comprehensive leadership programme. Fuel Learning were well positioned having extensive experience in the logistics industry as a long time partner of Norbert Dentressangle, playing an instrumental support role through the XPO Logistics acquisition in 2015.

In order to support a transient workforce, the imperative was for consistency. Fuel Learning conducted an in depth review, scoping, and business analysis to customise the suite of programs to meet the variable challenges of managers employed in shift, site, regional and national roles.
In conjunction with members of the Executive Board from Supply Chain and Transport Solutions division we were able to clearly define the specific characteristics and qualities required to be an outstanding ‘Red Manager’ with XPO.
To achieve relevance, and avoid ‘concept based only knowledge’ a combination of theory, practice, and review was the construct of every module. It was critical for each delegate to understand the impact as well as how to apply this in their working environment.

XPO Logistics have consistently won a clutch of prestigious industry awards so have become the ‘go to’ brand for graduates and outstanding talent. Working in close liaison with Fuel Learning to create distinctive talent programmes and activities, delegates frequently mention these in employee surveys. Finally, managers in the business cite the programme as one of the most stimulating and relevant to their success with teams and increased productivity.

I would encourage any manager who wishes to develop/update on their existing skills, or those managers that would like to gain new skills to participate in one of the numerous training courses run by Fuel Learning.

The course leaders have up to date working and on the job knowledge and use a presentation that openly encourages participation and enjoyment, although at times you will have to put your thinking caps on as not all tasks are paper exercises!!

Their courses are well structured and all material excellently presented, easy to understand and follow.

I have attended many managerial courses during my 20 years in the business and found Fuel Learning deliver the best. As a manager for Norbert Dentressangle - Marks and Spencer, Hardwick, Warrington, we are encourage to put into practice what we learn and I have certainly done this thanks to Fuel Learning. — Brett Payne, Norbert Dentressangle Line Manager at Hardwick
Great course - probably one of the best I’ve ever been on! — Kevin Bessant, Manager, Britvic
I entered the first course thinking “what can I learn in 90 minutes” only to be bowled over with a fun, interesting and engaging session, totally relevant to the job I have to do as a manager. The booklet handout was perfect giving text and visual aids to support the subjects covered for us to use at a later date but without the boring task of working through it all word for word during the course. Ian and Steve were brilliant course facilitators who really seemed to know what they were talking about and the whole experience left me “buzzing” and keen to put into practise what I’d learnt. When are you here next Guys? — Vicki Rosik, Data Input Manager, Specsavers
Great energy & infectious enthusiasm. My expectations were far exceeded & very much look forward to the next course! — Phil Tomlinson, Senior Team Leader, Specsavers
Just had to let you know, yet again, what fantastic, motivational courses you run. Your character is infectious Steve & delegates can’t fail to come away without a highly positive attitude. I just love every minute I’m in the room with you. I’ll let you know when I hit my 1st target as I’m sure I would have struggled to rally the enthusiasm without you. — Gail Rogers, Manager, Britvic
Fuel learning are instrumental in supporting our ambitious 2010/2011 agenda. The balance of experience, expertise and great energy inspires the team time after time. Thank you. — Richard Burden, Director, LifeFitness
This was the best presented course that I have attended whilst employed by East Midlands Trains and Steve kept everybody involved and interested. I would recommend using Fuel Learning again. — Paul Hanley, Manager, East Midlands Trains
This course has given me a clear understanding of how to focus on achieving a high performance standard and expect the same from my team. — Harry Rose, Manager, East Midlands Trains
The course was tailored to EMT and the trainer had great knowledge of the business. I have attended several leadership courses and this was by far the best as it was very genuine and the trainer had a real passion and flair for getting the candidates engaged and see what the benefits are to EMT and their personal leadership style. Excellent. — Claire Ansley, Manager, East Midlands Trains
Amy is a brilliant facilitator who knows her audience well and tailors the day to specifically fit their needs. The content of the course is superb and most areas are thought provoking. I certainly feel like I have some new, useful tools to continue my management journey. — Support Manager, Norbert Dentressangle


This course has given me a clear understanding of how to focus on achieving a high performance standard and expect the same from my team.

Harry Rose
Manager, East Midlands Trains

Thank you for your presentation last week. The content went down well and you succeeded in getting the team(s) to think about their own situations and to start questioning what it is that they find inspiring within the workplace and life generally. The feedback was positive.

Ian Thomas
Director of Business Development, Specsavers