‘Red Management’ the cornerstones that ensures the long term success of the Norbert Dentressangle Group

Fuel Learning partners with global supply chain solutions provider Norbert Dentressangle to ensure managers have the skills to maintain year on year growth for both Norbert Dentressangle and its customers.


Employing 37,700 employees across 26 countries, with a turnover of €4 billion*, Norbert Dentressangle identifies empowered, entrepreneurial staff with shared values and behaviors as being the key to being able to respond to the challenges of their customers and deliver Norbert Dentressangle’s vision no matter where they are in the world.

Looking for a partner that could deliver something different to the ‘normal management training course’  Norbert Dentressangle liked the fresh style and approach offered by the Fuel Learning team.


To support a mobile workforce, in a globally recognized brand, consistency was of great importance to the Norbert Dentressangle Group board. Following extensive diagnostics Fuel Learning put together a bespoke suite of different programs that met the varying needs and challenges of managers in shift, site, regional and national roles and worked with Mark Simmons (Exec HR Director for Norbert Dentressangle Logistics) and Deborah Parker  (Exec HR Director for Norbert Dentressangle Transport) to define what it meant to be a ‘Red Manager’ at Norbert Dentressangle.

Sponsored at the highest levels within the group, 901 delegates attended workshops during 2013 and 2014. Multi event programs were specifically designed to allow delegates to learn new techniques, return to the workplace to practice them in the real world before attending further modules to build on, review and evaluate the impact of their new techniques


Norbert Dentresangle has a long term view of the development of its Management population and views Fuel Learning as its key strategic partner.  In 2012 Norbert Dentressangle  won the prestigious HR Award for Distinction in Learning and Development in addition to the training category award at the 2012 Motor Transport Awards, often referred to as the ‘Oscars’ of the logistics industry. Mark  Simmons identified the partnership with Fuel as key to generating and maintaining this success and in 2014 nominated Fuel for the Personnel Today Supplier Partnership Awards. In addition to these external bench marks the Red Management training programs are repeatedly mentioned in employee engagement surveys and has supported the group in achieving its goal to fulfil 60% of roles through internal promotions. 99% of front line managers identified that they felt involved in the program, would use what they have learnt and would recommend the program to others.

Amy is a brilliant facilitator who knows her audience well and tailors the day to specifically fit their needs. The content of the course is superb and most areas are thought provoking. I certainly feel like I have some new, useful tools to continue my management journey. — Support Manager, Norbert Dentressangle


Great energy & infectious enthusiasm. My expectations were far exceeded & very much look forward to the next course!

Phil Tomlinson
Senior Team Leader, Specsavers

I would encourage any manager who wishes to develop/update on their existing skills, or those managers that would like to gain new skills to participate in one of the numerous training courses run by Fuel Learning.

The course leaders have up to date working and on the job knowledge and use a presentation that openly encourages participation and enjoyment, although at times you will have to put your thinking caps on as not all tasks are paper exercises!!

Their courses are well structured and all material excellently presented, easy to understand and follow.

I have attended many managerial courses during my 20 years in the business and found Fuel Learning deliver the best. As a manager for Norbert Dentressangle - Marks and Spencer, Hardwick, Warrington, we are encourage to put into practice what we learn and I have certainly done this thanks to Fuel Learning.

Brett Payne
Norbert Dentressangle Line Manager at Hardwick