The Leadership Challenge

We have developed a world class leadership development programme – The Leadership Challenge, named so because leading a team, a department, function, business unit, or company is a challenge! If it was easy everyone would do it… The reality is that every organisation needs great leadership at all levels. Our Off-the-Peg 4 day programme covers many of the most commonly required components of leadership. We have adopted a principled based approach to the development, so the learning is applicable in many situations at all levels.

The Leadership Challenge

We have worked with leaders and organisations all over the world to create transformational change in the way leaders operate and execute to achieve exponentially demanding results.

According to a 2010 UK government sponsored survey

  • 90% of organisations place leadership as the single biggest factor to surviving and thriving over the next 2 years…
  • Yet only, 21% of employees say their leadership is adequate…

Employees are suffering form an inspiration gap! Leaders are demanding greater results, focus, drive and commitment from their employees. However, leaders consistently fail to provide the inspiration, direction and support to enable their employees to consistently achieve greater results, focus and drive and commitment is seriously wavering!

  • 62% of employees said their leaders were ‘out of touch, locked in ivory towers’
  • 43% said their leaders talk more than they listen
  • 68% of leaders do not ‘inspire fun and excitement’
  • 90% of employees say their leader does not trust them

So what? Organisations measured as having good leadership throughout the organisation outperform those measured to have poor leadership by 12x in financial terms. Employees with good leadership are 6x more committed to their work and level of performance compared to those measured with poor leadership.

Are the leaders throughout your organisation capable, focused, motivated and getting the most out of the people they lead? Can you afford them not to be?

What is the Leadership Challenge?

  • The programme has been designed to energise, inspire and motivate your leaders to step up and become outstanding
  • The programme gives your leaders the tools, techniques and methods for leading in today’s unpredictable world
  • Embedding and application tools ensure the programme has a long shelf life
  • We have utilised the practices and models from the worlds most prominent leaders and thinkers to create the Leadership Challenge
  • We have considered current national and global research in this area to create an informed image of what determines an outstanding leader today
  • Typically a 2 x 2 day modular programme – although many other formats are applicable depending on needs and level of investment

The programme in a nutshell

  • Foundational Principles of Leadership – this mini module enables your leaders to get the basics right, understand the difference between leadership and management, gain awareness of the common leadership traps and develop new behavioural strategies
  • Situational Leadership – this mini module enables your leaders to be aware of the different styles of leadership and to adapt their style depending on the situation and the requirement of individuals
  • Be an Outstanding Model Leader – this mini module enables your leaders to ‘find their voice’ as a leader and be the best leader they can everyday in every situation, align behaviour with intent, become credible as a leader
  • Create Direction and Drive Alignment – this mini module enables your leaders to be forward thinking, able to see and cope with rapid change, give life to the company vision, enlist people by appealing to shared aspirations aligned to the company direction
  • Energise and Inspire – this mini module enables your leaders to energise and inspire by recognising people for the right reasons, setting and achieving high standards, giving constructive feedback, creating a team community and spirit and bringing the company values to life
  • Challenge the Processes – this mini module enables your leaders to be innovative and creative with fresh ideas for growth, remove obsolete processes, seek out new opportunities, challenge and manage stakeholders meaningfully and appropriately
  • Deliver Results – this mini module enables your leaders to create a climate of trust, drive collaboration, promote cooperative goals, play to peoples strengths, develop confidence and competence

The benefits

  • You will experience the immediate impact of the programme through common language, behaviours, tools and heightened awareness about what leaders are and should be doing – the bar will be set high!
  • You will experience an impact on business results
  • Your leaders will be more capable and motivated to lead your employees now and in the future
  • Your leaders will be able to maximise on change more effectively and swiftly
  • Your leadership will have the tools and techniques to continue learning themselves as well as developing peers and colleagues for years to come
  • Expect an impact on the organisational climate and culture – increased engagement, commitment, satisfaction and energy towards creating a positive future

Who is the Leadership Challenge aimed at?

We have run versions of the Leadership Challenge with everyone from CEO’s and executive boards of international companies to first line supervisors. The programme is relevant for anyone who has others reporting into them. We can tailor the programme to meet differing needs whilst maintaining the integrity of the Leadership Challenge concept.


The course was tailored to EMT and the trainer had great knowledge of the business. I have attended several leadership courses and this was by far the best as it was very genuine and the trainer had a real passion and flair for getting the candidates engaged and see what the benefits are to EMT and their personal leadership style. Excellent.

Claire Ansley
Manager, East Midlands Trains

Unlike many courses I have attended Dave's set up and delivery of the course material was a breath of fresh air. He kept the session interesting and recognised when the day needed to be energised. The group responded well and everyone took part in all of the session allowing for flowing information and more importantly some good learnings

Operations Manager
ASOS warehouse