Did you know that 22% of workers admit to wasting up to 2 hours per day. So one fifth of your workforce are spending a quarter of their working day doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with your business! What’s even more interesting is that the research shows that people with a degree level education waste more time than most. So what is it that they are doing? Read on……

In a survey by Salary.com and AOL employees are spending time on:

a) 1.14 minutes on social networks

b) 0.34 minutes on games

c) 0.27 minutes on email

d) 0.14 minutes on web portals

e) 0.13 minutes on instant messaging

f) 0.13 minutes on videos and movies

g) 0.11 minutes searching the web

h) 0.09 minutes shopping

i) 0.08 minutes on adult sites

j) 0.07 minutes on fantasy sports

Why are they doing this?

Well, 46% of respondents say they are unsatisfied at work, 34% feel underpaid, 24% say they don’t have deadlines, 19% say their hours are too long and 18% blame others!

What about work activities that take people away from their tasks?

The research shows fixing other peoples mistakes, attending meetings, dealing with office politics, waiting for somebody else to finish and administration as the main culprits.

Who gets an hour for lunch!

The majority of people view the ‘lunch hour’ as pure myth. Over 50% eat lunch at their desk, whilst 29% of these shop online whilst eating. Just under 50% take less than 30 minutes for lunch with 27% getting personal stuff done during this time.

So what?

 If you have 22% of your workforce wasting 2 hours per day, then in a small business that can equate to 100 hours per week and in a typical working year thats 4800 hours of missed opportunity to be even better than you are at this moment.

Can you afford to let this go on? We think not………