So, how is it that business works? How do companies increase their profits? How do they recruit and retain staff? How do they attract and keep customers?

Maybe the answer is strategic planning and customer service departments. Problem is, the more organisation, process, procedure and rationalism the less freedom for people to make choices, when it becomes a big issue for the few, the majority cease too care. Success requires you to lower your aim from the head to rest of the body.

Most managers are experts in their field. They have experience and MBA’s. They are trained and logical. Eventually thought the analytical side of the brain grows so large the managers start to walk in circles. There are millions of super smart employees and customers out there. How do we capture and keep them? Imagination and emotion!

Let’s not forget the rationalisation of information and communication but let’s not put our eggs into one basket of analysis and strategy. As well as Reason, let’s consider Affection, Intuition and Desire, let’s RAID the basket!! Reason forms logic, Affection concerns love, Intuition is about second sight and Desire equals lust.

How much fun are your employees and customers having? Remember a pretty good indicator of a company’s performance is the average amount of laughs per person per day. How many have you counted this week?