A key to our success is adaptability. At one level this is demonstrated by the variety of habitats that humans have populated around the world. This adaptability has many advantages, we do however, regularly forget the lessons we learnt on that journey as we focus on the new and future.

As we move into the next phase of the current pandemic it is worth recognising that we still live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Uncertain (VUCA) world and that the valuable lessons we have gained over the last 14 months can easily be lost.

It is therefore not just a worthwhile but invaluable process to review and evaluate. At a personal level, our performance, what did we do well? What came as a surprise? What could we do differently in the future?

Through this process we can stress test our values, vision, leadership, crisis planning, decision making, customers, communication, agility and adaptability to change to name a few.

Completing this audit allows you to interpret the evidence from past outcomes for what it really tells you and not get tricked by hindsight, protecting your ego or being blinded by your frame.

“People sometimes stumble over the truth, but usually they pick themselves up and hurry about their business”

Winston Churchill

Simon Lingard 

Senior Facilitator at Fuel Learning