Great planning, leadership, communication, adaptability and awesome commitment from colleagues in all roles, has meant that, at Fuel Learning, we have been in a strong position to continue to deliver ‘World Class’ development for our clients and learners.

We have all genetically developed ‘square eyes’ but the valuable ‘VIRTUAL’ interactions that we have had with great people over the past year, have helped to highlight many challenges and solutions to managing and leading teams through these unprecedented times.

You may be facing similar challenges, so hopefully this will give you food for thought.

ISOLATION – De-motivating for many and causes a sense of loneliness or disconnection with colleagues and the organisation. This proves particularly challenging for the EXTRAVERTS and SUNSHINE YELLOW people in your team.

INFORMATION SHARING – Another major challenge. Insufficient updates (or too many)? Duplication, confusion or lack of clarity, taking much longer than usual to access information. The age old issue of ‘somebody, anybody, nobody’ completing tasks.

MANAGER EMPATHY – “You don’t know what it’s like for me at the moment!” Recent CMI research ‘Management Transformed: Managing in a Marathon Crisis’ revealed 72% of employees ranked WELLBEING in the Top 5 roles managers currently need to play.

GUIDANCE – What am I supposed to be doing? Why? How? When? Who for? To what standard?

DISTRACTIONS – With kids, partners, pets, amongst other things, finding space to work can often be difficult. 

Tough? Yes!


EMPATHY – Listen to UNDERSTAND your people, not to just respond. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. What would you currently need from your Manager?

ENCOURAGE – Keep going. This situation won’t last for ever.

Allow FLEXIBILITY and TRUST – mutually.

CHECK-IN – agree what is ideal – work and not work related.

RECOGNITION and FEEDBACK – Give clear objectives and let them know how they are doing. A rock climber can see how far up the mountain they have climbed – can your team? Spot them doing things well and acknowledge this. Mutually share successes.

Use TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS to support work streams and efficiencies – there are some excellent tools out there.

Have OPEN CHANNELS of communication for you all.

None work related ‘COFFEE CHATS’ – We had them at work, why not now? 

Best Wishes to you all.

Stay healthy and well.

Dave Tilley Senior Facilitator

Dave Tilley

Senior Facilitator at Fuel Learning