Due to an increase in digital demand, Fuel Learning are looking for an experienced and talented Motion Designer to join our Digital Design team on a 6 Month Contractual Basis.

Based in Coventry, we are looking for an organised, confident and ambitious individual with experience in Adobe After Effects and the Creative Cloud suite to help create informative and engaging digital content for our learners, with a keen eye for professional composition and quality. Although years of experience in a similar role is desirable, it is open to anyone who can display their skills in Motion Design to a clear and professional standard.

Here’s an example of just one piece of the digital content we have created:


For those interested in the position, please contact sam@fuellearning.com by introducing yourself, attaching your CV and linking some examples of your work. More details will follow.

Please share this post out to your contacts to help reach anyone who think they may be a good fit for the role.