Ofsted Inspection Report

We are delighted to have been one of the first training providers to be inspected under Ofsted’s new Education Inspection Framework. Our inspection took place in September 2019 and we were graded ‘Good’ in all area: Here’s an extract from our report: ‘Apprentices gain new knowledge of management theories, develop analytical skills and apply these… Read more »

XPO Apprentices enjoy mud, wind and ropes!

Apprentices participating in XPO’s ‘Red Apprenticeships’ enjoyed a fabulous day of experiences, learning and challenges including high and low rope courses, Jacob’s Ladder and Crate Stack! The theme of the day was Personal Impact at work. Topics included identifying what the current perceptions of Apprentices in the workplace may be and how they may want that to… Read more »

Are you really seeing what you think you’re seeing?

I was sat on the London Underground the other day and there was a guy, on his own, reading the Evening Standard. All of a sudden he burst into hysterical laughter! I mean he was howling, holding his stomach like it was waiting to burst. He then proceeded to walk along the train, telling everyone… Read more »

Congratulations Mark Simmons!

A client of ours, but more importantly a great friend Mark Simmons, has just been voted HR Director of the Year at the 2015 HR Distinction Awards held recently at the ICC in Birmingham. Congratulations Mark, well deserved! Check out this blog written on Mark for more information on him. http://www.hrzone.com/lead/strategy/talent-spot-mark-simmons-hr-director-at-supply-logistics-firm-norbert-dentressangle

Whatever happened to flamboyance and opinion?

It occurred to me the other day that there aren’t many real characters left. You know those people that spark debate, love them, loathe them, they get you talking, they get your blood boiling, they make you shout at the TV. When did everyone become grey? I’m not talking about those close to you, I’m… Read more »

Are you a child of the 70’s?

I recently read an article that suggested that if you were a child of the 70’s then you are very lucky to be alive. It’s a very funny piece of work and quite thought provoking. I am indeed a child of the 70’s, I played kerby, had a Raleigh Tomahawk (I was to small for… Read more »

Fuel goes to the movies!

We have recently secured some work with members of the Executive Team at Pinewood Studios. One of our Directors, Ian Prentice, will be working closely with them. At this moment one of the productions the studio is shooting is the new Bond film, Spectre! Ian is hoping to catch sight of the cast, as you… Read more »

What are you prepared to do if you really believe in your product?

Many of you reading this will have, at some point, had an idea. Some of these ideas have progressed to discussions. Some of these discussions have progressed to production. Sadly though, for some people this is as far as it goes. An idea that had belief, passion, energy, momentum has suddenly been placed away on… Read more »

Cycling and Performance Improvement

There’s no getting away from it, Cycling is huge in the UK now. I’d argue it’s always been popular, but then again I’ve always done it. However with the rise of Team Sky, the success of Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Chris Hoy et al it’s all the rage. I’ve even seen the acronym MAMIL, middle… Read more »