Are you really seeing what you think you’re seeing?

I was sat on the London Underground the other day and there was a guy, on his own, reading the Evening Standard. All of a sudden he burst into hysterical laughter! I mean he was howling, holding his stomach like it was waiting to burst. He then proceeded to walk along the train, telling everyone… Read more »

Congratulations Mark Simmons!

A client of ours, but more importantly a great friend Mark Simmons, has just been voted HR Director of the Year at the 2015 HR Distinction Awards held recently at the ICC in Birmingham. Congratulations Mark, well deserved! Check out this blog written on Mark for more information on him.

Whatever happened to flamboyance and opinion?

It occurred to me the other day that there aren’t many real characters left. You know those people that spark debate, love them, loathe them, they get you talking, they get your blood boiling, they make you shout at the TV. When did everyone become grey? I’m not talking about those close to you, I’m… Read more »

Are you a child of the 70’s?

I recently read an article that suggested that if you were a child of the 70’s then you are very lucky to be alive. It’s a very funny piece of work and quite thought provoking. I am indeed a child of the 70’s, I played kerby, had a Raleigh Tomahawk (I was to small for… Read more »