What Does It Mean To Be A Leadership And Management Apprentice?

I find it interesting to see people’s reactions to the phrase ‘being an apprentice’ – this can mean so many different things to people – a character in a Disney film or a young person starting out on a career path maybe, or someone hoping to work for Alan Sugar.

Why bother with further Management and Leadership training and development?

I was recently posed the question “Why bother with further Management and Leadership training and development (especially if you have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind you)”?

I fully understand the reason for the question.

With regard to the answer – these 3 people came to mind – some you may recognise, some you may not?

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Reflections of a facilitator during interesting times

I am sure like me you have witnessed very good even excellent leadership, some ok leadership and unfortunately some pretty awful leadership. To that end I would like to share a few observations (not all) that I have collated that sets apart the good and excellent leader from the rest.