6 Helpful Tools / Tips For Managing Zoom Team Meetings

Create An Agenda – Just like a face-to-face meeting, have an agenda for the meeting, and allocate time slots to ensure it doesn’t run over and impact the rest of the day. If the meeting is a long one, schedule in some rest breaks. Also, allow time at the beginning, and throughout the session, for some… Read more »

5 Lockdown Challenges for Managers and Leaders

Great planning, leadership, communication, adaptability and awesome commitment from colleagues in all roles, has meant that, at Fuel Learning, we have been in a strong position to continue to deliver ‘World Class’ development for our clients and learners. We have all genetically developed ‘square eyes’ but the valuable ‘VIRTUAL’ interactions that we have had with… Read more »

Are you really seeing what you think you’re seeing?

I was sat on the London Underground the other day and there was a guy, on his own, reading the Evening Standard. All of a sudden he burst into hysterical laughter! I mean he was howling, holding his stomach like it was waiting to burst. He then proceeded to walk along the train, telling everyone… Read more »